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 Phoenix Contact is a globally present, Germany-based market leader. The group is synonymous with future-oriented components, systems, and solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. A global network across more than 100 countries and 15,000 employees ensure close proximity to customers, which Phoenix believes is particularly important. 

Phoenix faces up to technological developments and the associated changes in society. With almost 100 years of experience in the fields of machine building and automation, Phoenix is working on tomorrow's intelligent production today.



§Modular terminal blocks

§Marking systems and software

§Assembly material



COMBICONPCB connection technology for

§MCR technology

§Power electronics

§Building and telecommunication

§Electronic housings

PLUSCONIndustrial plug connectors for field installation

§for data lines

§for power supply

§for MCR technology

§Sensor /actuator cabling system


TRABTECHSurge protection for

§Power supply 

§MCR technology

§Transmitter and receiver technology 

§Information technology



§Signal converters


§Power supply units

§Data interface converters



§Industrial network solutions

§Control technology


§I/O systems

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